We are very happy and excited, celebrating our first label night here in Zürich at the Cabaret Club Separée: Finn Johannsen from Berlin (part of the Hardwax crew as well as one half of Macro Records) will be playing one of his very special house sets, and F&S-boss Shaddy will support him all night long! Our friends from DubExMachina, who are in charge of the main floor, will have the guys from Hessle Audio playing that night, so be sure not to miss this special lineup – we would be more than happy to see you dancin‘! (for limited guest list pls. write to foulandsunk @ gmail.com)


We would love to say: Fresh & Low are back! Although that would be somewhat brisk, this timeless release from the year 1997 has absolutely everything it deserves to be released again.

From the mid-90s on, the British producer team Fresh & Low brought out many outstanding records on leading labels such as „Guidance,“ „Black Vinyl“ and „CrucialSounds“. And one of their best and most important one was undoubtedly the ground-breaking „Little i EP“, released on Westside Records. Four essential tracks of timeless house music make this masterpiece still sound as good and fresh as it sounded almost 15 years ago!

Of particular note are the two compelling pieces „New Life“ and „No Going Back“, that evolve into true peak-time anthems by their slow buildup, with deep warm chords, sparse vocal fragments and their driving, punchy beat! Nevertheless, the other two tracks do not have to hide behind it with their very special kind of raw and still very melodic style.

A House EP, as fresh as today’s, yet from the good old days!

The 12″ vinyl will be in stores on September 28th. 2011, so get your copy while supplies last, and, while waiting, enjoy the tunes here:

We are getting closer – already in the Top 10 House Charts at decks.de and juno.co.uk!! To be honest – we didn’t expected this, so THANKS to all the people who support us! And if you don’t have your own copy yet – there aren’t many left :) So go get yours while supplies last:
FASM001 @ juno.co.uk
FASM001 @ decks.de
…and in many more vinyl shops on the internet or just the one round your corner.

Today the first ones arrived, and in just 1 week (3/8/20011) the first Foul & Sunk release will be available in a record store near you! So go out there and get yourself a copy, and help us to keep vinyl alive! 😉